Camp on the Elephant Trail

Learn what it’s like to live in the forest by following the “Elephant Trail” in the Nam Ha NPA, cooking meals made from food and herbs gathered along the way, and sleeping in an open-air Akha jungle camp. This two-day trek traces the paths of wild pachyderms travelling between China and Laos.


Culture Cycling

Saddle up on a mountain bike, and visit a variety of ethnic minorities in villages around Sing Town on an easy two-day cycling tour over flat roads, trails, and footpaths, with an overnight stay in a Yao lodge. The 30-km first leg visits some nine different ethnic groups, the first being the Lolo, the smallest minority in the district.


Delve into the Green Traingle

Head out on a challenging four-day trek through raw nature in Laos’ northwestern frontier with China and Myanmar on the “Chao Fa Trail”, and spend your nights in Tai Lue and Akha homes. This new tour drives due north of Sing Town to Ban Mom and beyond, before trekking to the Tai Lue village of Ban Xay on the Mekong for the night.


Xieng Khaeng Stop the Clock

Be among the first to explore the remote Xieng Khaeng Region, where diverse ethnic groups live off mountain forests as they have since starting to arrive more than 500 years ago. sTrail blazers from the Provincial Tourism Department recently began probing this isolated area, after the completion of the new 35-km dirt road connecting it to Sing Town, while providing access to outsiders, who want to peek into their world.


History, Culture & Nature Converge

Sing District holds historical significance, serves as home to a diverse ethnic population, and presents pristine natural beauty between mountain ridges and peaks. Chronicles recount the founding of Xieng Khaeng on the Mekong in the early 15th century by Tai Lue leader Chao Fa Dek Noi.