Take Your Trip on Namtha River

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe Nam Tha is a main provincial transportation artery linking Luang Namtha to Nalae and further on to the Mekong.  At a length of 325 km it is gently meandering through the Namtha valley, broken further south by rapids as it flows through mountainous terrain towards the Mekong. The river is a traditional trading route and source of communication to other villages and provinces.  Khmu-Rok, Khmu-Yuan, Khmu-Kwaen and Tai Lue communities settled along the river banks and their life still relies on the river.  Fish is a staple food and major source of income. The residents of the villages are well-known as skilful weavers and handicraft makers. Traditional clothing, cotton textiles, basketry, agricultural tools and many products used in everyday life are made in people’s homes and they all reflect their continued reliance on the forest. Riding along the beautiful Nam Tha River by kayak or raft is quit an adventure.   Longer tours take you by wooden long-tail boat up and downstream to villages perched by the river.  Here you can learn from local people how to weave, catch fish, make fish traps and prepare local dishes. The beauty of the river and the friendliness of the people create unforgettable river life experiences. There are many options for visitors ranging from day trips to villages to multi-day river life adventures.    SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLocal boat hire is available, but not yet a regular service between Namtha, Nalae and Houaixai. Tours can be arranged through local tour operators and include local guides, food prepared by local villagers, and overnight stays in villages along the way where visitors get a unique insight into  Nalae  people’s  traditional  lives.   The activities benefit the local economy and contribute to protecting the environment.

More Information contact to Nalae Distirct, Luang Namtha Province
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