PoumPouk Stupa Festival (NEWS)

Welcome to visit Poumpouk Stupa at Nam Ngaen Village
Is the Buddhist  Ceremony in Luang Namtha
on 9-11/02/2017


The stupa is located At Nam Ngaen village on a hill in the northeast part of the Namtha Valley. The original stupa was constructed in 1628 to demarcate neutral territory between the Kingdoms of Lane Xang (centered in Luang Prabang) and Lan Na (centered in Chiang Mai). In 1966 the old Stupa was destroyed when an American plane dropped a bomb on it. The new monument seen besides the older, ruined Stupa was constructed in 2003.

  • On 09 /02/2017- Is the date for preparing and decorating place to celebrate the festival.
  • On 10/02/2017- at 3:00 PM is the time to carry the castle to the Stupa.
  • On 11/02/2017- In the early morning is the time for Alms Giving to the monks. At night have a procession of candlelight for walking around the Stupa.

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