Muang Long

Muang Long is a mountainous District the west of Muang Sing that shares a 48 km long border with Myanmar. There are over nine ethnic groups in this heavily Akha District. Other ethnic groups in the area included Thai Leu, Kouy Soung, Kouy Luang, Hmong, Laen Taen, and Tai Daeng. The main attractions in Muang Long is trekking to unspoiled hill tribe villages, the beautiful scenery along the Long river, waterfalls, caves, the Muang Long District morning market, Xieng Kok market 2 times a month the 1st is on 12th-14th the 2nd time is on 27th-29th, climb up the Phakham mountain to look over the Muang Long view and spending time seeing life in a small Lao village. There are currency changing options in the market, the Agricultural Promotion Bank and the nearest ATM is in Muang Sing and Luang Namtha. For the accommodation there are 11 guesthouses in Muang Long town and 11 restaurants also that serving local food, Lao food and Chinese food. To hire a guide for a trek and for other information please visit the Muang Long Tourism Office (look at for the blue sign beside the Long Administration Office) the way to Xieng Kok from the bus station is around 500 m.

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