Muang Sing

Take your trip far away around 2 hours (58 km) from Luang Namtha Town to Muang Sing, When reaching in Muang Sing District, Please looking for the nice accommodation with reasonable price with Different style hotels and guesthouses around the town that you like to stay. In Muang Sing Town, there are 3 Hotels, 16 Guesthouses and 4 Resorts.

DSC00374Local Festival
Muang Sing is a Biggest Town in Luang Namtha, In Muang Sing, there are many events ( traditional and cultural festival ) that start all a year in January-December. All Events in Muang Sing, Rocket festival, New Year festival of Akha, Hmong, Tai Lue, Lolo,  Tai Neua and Yao ethnics. Xieng Tueng Stupa Festival, and others occasions.

Ethic Diversities

IMG_1159Luang Namtha Province has more than 9 different ethnic groups, making it a remarkable repository of ethnic diversities and indigenous knowledge. The traditional include clothing, handicrafts livelihood systems and rituals of ethnic groups are valuable as the part of the province’s cultural heritage.

Travel Agencies
SingWhenever you come to Muang Sing Town, Firstly please come to Muang Sing Tourist Information Center to get Information for your destination of the most important to travel in Muang Sing Town, you can book directly the tour agencies. There are 2 private travel agencies and 1 government agency (Tourist Information Center).

IMG_3932Where to Eat and Drink
Many local restaurants offer Lao, Chinese, and Thai style food. Choose one of the restaurants located. There are 23 restaurants and 4 night clubs in Muang Sing District. Some famous local food and beverages are Kao soi (soft rice noodle soup) in Muang Sing from fresh market.

The best way to get to Muang Sing is with a direct connection via mini-van from Luang Namtha in the Northwest of Laos. Buses run to there every day from Huay Xai, Oudomxay, Luang Prabang and Vientiane. So to get in Muang Sing district, the buses run every day that can take the small buses or minivans at inside bus station, Nong Bouavieng village, Luang Namtha province.


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