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Kau Rao Or Nam Eng Cave
Vieng Phoukha town is surrounded by limestone karsts formations that have many interesting and beautiful caves. Formed by centuries of weathering that has gradually carved huge caverns out of the porous limestone, Vieng Phoukha’s caves have some of the most beautiful underground formations in northern Laos. During prehistoric times many of the caves might have been inhabited by people, but today they primarily support nesting swifts and thousands of roosting bats of over a dozen species. Some of the most accessible are the caves near Nam Eng Village (Tham Kao Rao) and the network of caverns at the base of the Phou Prasat limestone formation near Tha Louang Village.

Sacred Bor Kung
Directly behind the tourism office is the sacred forest that protects Bor Kung, the shrimp spring. The area is renowned for its clear waters and abundant fish, crabs and of course shrimp. Another nearby spring is Stewpot Spring or Bor Kung. Like a stewpot it is always brimming with water. Bor Kung is the source of the Sai stream which remains clear and cool during all seasons, flowing into the nearby Nam Jook River.

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